Do you often take pictures with a lot of noise, with few details or with completely damaged colors?

It happened to me too! I often find myself in these conditions, still today.

We usually observ perfect images, with natural colors, details and contrasts. Picture with incredible three-dimensionality. Each of us has grown up observing the photos of the best professional photographers, admiring their skill and often dreaming their equipment.

Well, today I have great news for you ! During my photographic growth I realized that often it is not the equipment that makes the difference.

You may be wondering: “So what then?” Surely the equipment help you a lot.

But what if I told you that the biggest difference is a targeted and well-executed post-production work?

Do you know why? Because in all the best pcitures there is more than a subject and a background. What makes the difference is the rendering of the contrasts, the point of light, the point of black, the hues and the right saturation. This is what creates magnetism in photographs. 

And you think this can be done by an expensive camera or lens? Well, it can help you. But you can make the real difference!

What are the main problems in wildlife photography?

In wildlife photography I often take a shot in a bad light conditions . The result is  always the same, files with a lot of noise, with “dirty” colors, weak contrasts. Completely flat photos.

Over the years I have specialized in this, studying a targeted and well-finished work, which in post-production, gives the possibility to recover images in a surprising way. So you never again risk losing unique moments due to inexperience in post-productions. This made a difference for me.

With these techniques I was able to obtain perfectly clean images from the annoying digital noise caused by high ISO and finally have some detailed photos even at very high ISO.

I found the best working techniques to better manage colors and contrasts, giving three-dimensionality and atmosphere to all photographs.

Post-production is the element that binds a photographer to their photos”


But let’s take a step back, “What is post-production?”

With digital photography the post-production has become a fundamental step to optimize your shots and enhance the quality of your own work, and not only. Post-production has become a mandatory step  for anyone who shoots in RAW format. This is where post-production is born.

The RAW format is nothing more than the “modern” negative of the old analogs. Shooting in RAW means getting a file without any compression and adjustment. A file with all the information inside on our photo, uncompromising .

You may be wondering “Why don’t they all shoot in RAW?”

Having everything inside a file is not an entirely good thing. A RAW file is a raw file by definition. A file that necessarily needs some adjustments. Adjustments, on the other hand, that take place automatically in your camera if you shoot in compressed formats such as .jpeg.

Shooting in RAW you can achieve much better quality levels than jpeg; but to do that you will have to learn about post-production. Shooting in RAW gives you more control over white balance , contrasts , lights , shadows , details , on noise , on saturation .

By learning all the secrets of post-production you will decide all these settings and more.

How to approach post-production in Wildlife photography?

In nature photography you are often forced to shoot in difficult conditions , dictated by the movement of animals or from low light conditions, consequently it happens to end up with very bad photos. But not always, often  it can happen to have a great photo but not being able to get 100% out of it.

Precisely for this over the years I have developed a workflow that I apply to each of my images and that if you want you can learn directly from me!

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at all amateur or professional photographers who want to approach the world of professional editing or want to deepen post-production techniques. The one-to-one face-to-face courses allow each participant to feel at ease in choosing the topics to be treated. These on-line post-production courses were created with the idea of ​​satisfying any type of photographer, from those who are taking their first steps in the world of editing to those who already have a professional workflow but want to increase their performance by acquiring a tested and effective workflow.

What is the aim of the course?

The aim of the course is to illustrate every step necessary for the editing of a photo providing the participant with a solid foundation and all the skills necessary to face a professional but easy and fast workflow. We will provide you with all the knowledge you need to make the best use of the Camera Raw and Photoshop tools. The course is completely private and personalized .

This means that each lesson will be tailored to you .

What will your results be?

Over the years I have dedicated my professional life to the development of a stream within everyone’s reach but of great quality. At the end of this course you will not only have full knowledge of post-production software such as Camera Raw / Lightroom , Photoshop and other specialized Plug-ins but you will have in your hands a professional workflow with a precise schedule and orderly on which to base your work. You will no longer find any difficulty in managing noisy, not very detailed images, with strong chromatic dominants or with bad contrasts. At the end of the course you will have full confidence in everything there is to know about post-production and in addition you will also have a tutor who will remain at your disposal for as long as you want.

You got it right, I’ll be available forever for any comparison and any advice you may need.

“Whenever we learn something new, we ourselves become something new.”

pulcinella di mare con pesci nel becco

Topics covered

During the course we will start by opening a RAW file. Here we will illustrate all the steps considered at the basis of each editing. Using the tools that Camera Raw or Light Room makes available to us, we will perform an optimization of the file making it more workable in all respects according to the steps that will follow in photoshop. Here the importance of having a linear and orderly flow will be emphasized. This will help you work with great mental freedom without risking forgetting crucial passages.
It is no secret that in this photographic genre the cleaning of noise and the rendering of detail are among the most sought after elements in the editing phase. The secrets, on the other hand, are precisely how to always obtain a clean, legible detail with impeccable noise cleaning. In order to have different types of results and always be able to obtain the perfect solution, I have developed different techniques for eliminating noise and to make the most of the details on the subject. During this phase of the course we will deepen all the techniques I usually use giving you the possibility to choose the one you prefer.

I think atmosphere is one of the main characteristics within any photograph. An element that I consider fundamental but that is very little treated. This is a scene optimization that gives your image a more artistic, more personal reading.


Our camera doesn’t always manage to record natural and pleasing colors. This is normal, when the light conditions are prohibitive, our sensor and our processor cannot always read the scene perfectly, the result? Strong dominants, perhaps purple, green, blue or yellow. But this is not a problem, or rather, it is a common and solvable problem. In the two lessons we will study different techniques with which to go to fight this problem that often arises for every nature photographer. Once the color casts have been eliminated, it will be easy to restore the natural colors and work on the other color adjustments.

Contrasts are often one of the most common problems in photography. Finding a technique to recover and / or manage the tackles effectively and quickly was one of the biggest difficulties during my training. Precisely in this I found a strength. With the help of some tools you will be perfectly able to manage the contrasts in every situation and make your every image incredibly three-dimensional.

As it should be, despite the age of social media, it is always important to remember that photography is born with the press.

This is a very sensitive subject in which I will bring all my skills and experience into play to train you on the right approach to printing. From file management to export for printing.

Print and web use different file usage. During the course I will reveal the secrets to obtain perfectly detailed images even on social networks. With targeted management you will be able to manage an export for the web. This involves small steps that will guarantee you a perfect rendering of colors, contrasts and details on any device and on any website.

The greatest convenience of this course is its unique customization. It’ll be just you and me and that means you can also request to create a workflow based on your needs. I will find a solution to the requests myself by studying a workflow tailored to you.

Are you afraid that after a few weeks you will forget the basic steps?

I assure you that it will be very difficult but in any case it will be possible to carry out a recovery lesson in case of gaps of about thirty minutes even after a month from the end of the lesson. In any case as a tutor I will remain at your disposal before, during and after the course so as to ensure you a complete and peaceful training. I will be available for an opinion or for your questions forever, conveniently on whatsapp.

what do you need?

Nothing in particular is required to take the course, it is open to all.

Where to do it?

You can take the course directly from your home, via Skype. By sharing my screen you will see everything that happens on my PC and we will be connected by telephone by the Skype voice call, it will be just as if you were next to me.


You can choose the date and time you prefer. The courses are individual and highly customizable. Contact me now and ask for availability for the most convenient date and time for you.

With who?

Your teacher for this course will be Michele Bavassano, a professional photographer specialized in post-production in nature photography.

Want to give a try?

Send your RAW file to the email address: By sending a photo of yourself you will realize how much you can learn from this course! The trial is not binding for the purchase of an online lesson What are you waiting for? Click here to send your photo

corso di post-produzione photoshop lightroomcorso di post-produzione photoshop lightroom


399.00€ with one of our official tutors

449.00€ with Michele Bavassano



3 hour – Two sections of 1.5 h


Support of the professional photographer Michele Bavassano or or a professional tutor of the team  during classes
Advice by the professional photographer Michele Bavassano or a professional tutor of the team on their photos before, during and after the course.
Study of a workflow customized according to the photographer’s needs (if required)
Availability to carry out courses on dates and extraordinary hours

New to Photoshop?

Do you think you have no competence and are you afraid of not being able to get the desired result?

Don’t worry.

Now you can book an additional lesson right on the basics of photoshop. In this lesson we will go to see together the basic functions of the software used during the course.

In this way we will add a basic course to your complete course for only 50.00€

Contact me now!

What do you think about it?

Fill out the form below if you want to schedule your lesson or have any other questions!

Michele Bavassano


Enthusiast of nature, travel in search of the perfect shot, exploring untouched areas around the world . Through his camera he tries to share moments and emotions. Michele defines his photography “A search for art in nature”. He works as a professional photographer and offers events in the most interesting and important destinations in Italy and abroad. His images were used by Discovery, BBC, ENEL and have been published in numerous magazines around the world. “In 2015 he participated in the World Championship FIAP young people with the Italian team obtaining the 2nd place. Since May 2018 he is ambassador of the GITZO brand. He is currently one of the most followed Italian nature photographers on the web. He has collected collaborations with different brands such as “Canon”,“Gitzo”, “Swarovsky”,”Manfrotto”, “Wacom”, “Eizo”, “BenQ”, “Pluto Trigger”,“Scubla”, “Revolution Race”, “Easy Cover”, “Wise”, “Xp-Pen”.

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Commento: I am a small photographer but not having right place to learn, whenever I see your photos only one thing I do is to save it.
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