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5 days of wildlife photography workshop immersed in one of the most ancient Italian national park, looking for wildlife with Michele Bavassano.

5 days

1490 €

6 seats


6 September
10 September
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Abruzzo national park tour


We are located in the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, one of the oldest national parks in Italy, established on 11 January 1923. The park can undoubtedly also be considered among the most interesting at national and European level due to its great biodiversity. Inside the park there are some of the most important European mammals with a prosperous population of wolves but above all for the presence of the Marsican brown bear, symbol of the park and an endemic species of this area. The park also includes an increasingly important population of deer and Apennine chamois. Also interesting is the presence, although rare, of the wild cat. There are over 200 bird species including the golden eagle. The park’s environment is very varied, the ancient beech woods often make room for prairies and open views. The sinuous mountains, typical of the Apennines, often change becoming steep rocky walls. The environment, the fauna, the rural and cultural environment make the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise one of the most beautiful and interesting naturalistic destinations in Italy.

wildlife photography workshop abruzzo national park

Tour information

During this period the Red Deer is in the middle of the breeding season and its mating call echoes in all the valleys of this historical park. A series of bellows and antlers clashing create a magical atmosphere that is fully enjoyable only in these wild Appennine areas.

Not only Deers; in this period the rare Marsican Bear is in hyperphagia and spends its days eating, in view of the winter hibernation. The young Appenninic wolves, born about four months earlier, start to explore their pride land. Wild Boars, Foxes, Roe Deers, and all other park’s mammals, that populate the old-growth beech forests and the huge open areas, are preparing for the winter

These days promise to be very intense and will keep us busy in the field from dawn right through to sunset. We will form a small group of photographers, in order to minimize disturbance and maximize the photographic possibilities. On field we will talk about base and advanced shooting techniques to obtain creative and special images.

After the sunset and in the central hours of the day, we will talk about your shots and we will deepen your knowledge on post-production software, learning new techniques in order to optimize your shots.

Our purpose is to provide the participants with notions of biology and photography, in order to carry out this fantastic passion in the utmost respect of the nature and with the right skills to make perfect shots in any situation.

It will be an intense and engaging experience that will make you rediscover a completely new wildlife photography!

wildlife photography workshop abruzzo national park

The photographic activities

All photographic activities will be alongside a professional photographer.

No photo session will take place from an hide, everything will be done freely on the territory of the park with stalking and moving to the best areas for sighting animals.

For this, a good physical shape will be required that allows each participant to carry out hike of maximum 10km or +500/+700 meters of elevation without problems (A fast walk will not be required, the excursions will take place with a very slow walk)

All camouflage material , such as net or other will be provided by the organizers. You will only need your photographic equipment.

wildlife photography workshop abruzzo national park

How to register

Fill out the form to receive the complete program with all the details about the tour and all the indications for registration.

For any other questions you can fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page or contact us via whatsapp by clicking the icon at the bottom right.


Private transfer to and from the Leonardo Da Vinci di Fiumicin international airport

All overnight stays in a double room

all breakfasts and dinners

All transfers in the park and circulation permits (if necessary)

Assistance of two professional photographers during the entire duration of the workshop

Lessons about photography techniques and all aspects of Wildlife Photography (planning, weather forecast,composition, Ethical)

photographic post-production lesson

Not included

Flight (if necessary)

all lunches (usually free and quick with the possibility of relying on the organization for sandwiches or other)

extra drinks

Single room surcharge (if required, it's around 15 euros per night)

Tips or other personal expenses

michele bavassano fotografo naturalista

Michele Bavassano

Passionate about nature , he travels in search of the perfect shot, exploring unspoiled areas around the world . Through his camera he tries to share moments and emotions. Michele defines his photography “A search for art in nature”. He works as a professional photographer and offers events in the most interesting and important destinations in Italy and abroad. His images have been used by Discovery, BBC , ENEL and have been published in numerous magazines around the world. “In 2015 he participated in the FIAP Youth World Championship with the Italian team, obtaining 2nd place. Since May 2018 he is ambassador of the GITZO brand. He is currently one of the most followed Italian nature photographers on the web. He has collected collaborations with various brands such as “Canon”, “Gitzo”, “Swarovsky”, “Manfrotto”, “Wacom”, “Eizo”, “BenQ”, “Pluto Trigger”, “Scubla”, “Revolution Race “,” Easy Cover “,” Wise “,” Xp-Pen “, “Deer Hunter”, “Polyver” , “Lenz”, “Lens Coat”

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