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6-day photographic tour in search of one of the world rarest felids: the Iberian lynx

6 days

1980 €

8-10 seats


26 July
31 July
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Michele Bavassano
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tour fotografico in Spagna - lince padrona


We are located in Spain, near the northernmost slopes of the Sierra Morena and the Sierra de Andujar Natural Park.
It is precisely in these lands that we find some of the highest densities of Iberian lynx on the Iberian Peninsula.
This elusive felid represents the most threatened feline species in the world. In particular, until the early 2000s, this species was on the brink of extinction, with only 94 individuals present in the wild.
In the areas we will visit, actions have been taken to improve the habitat and manage the wild rabbit population, which accounts for 90% of the Iberian lynx diet, in order to re-establish the population of this felid. Today, thanks to conservation actions, the population is recovering, with more than 1000 lynx
present in the wild.

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tour fotografico in Spagna - lince pardina

Tour information:

The hot summer sun shines on miles and miles of arid land. Yellow grasslands and red stretches of earth deprive wild rabbits and hundreds of bird species of shelter. Suddenly, the alarm of the green woodpecker breaks the silence; rabbits, partridge and pheasants flee, raising a wall of dust: there it is, the Iberian lynx.

In these lands and in this season, water is undoubtedly the most precious resource. Small puddles, spread across a private land, give hundreds of animals a chance to survive.

We will spend six days in these lands, focusing on the waterholes, in search of one of the world most elusive and threatened felines, with the maximum respect for nature.
With exclusive access to the hides, in fact, we will have the opportunity to observe and photograph this incredible felid without interfering with its natural habits, and without causing any disturbance.

Each hide, in fact, has a waterhole where the lynx and many other species come to drink during the hot summer days. This is a period of parental care for the lynx, which, with a bit of luck, brings its cubs to water right in front of our hides.
In addition to the lynx, it will be possible to observe various species of birdlife, such as the green woodpecker, the great spotted woodpecker, the red-legged partridge, the pheasant, various species of tits, the long-tailed tit, the wild turtle dove, the hoopoe and much more. It will also be possible to observe small mammals, such as the wild rabbit.

The aim of this tour is to live a unique experience, in total contact with nature but without disturbing it and the animals in any way; the undisputed star will be the Iberian lynx, an extremely interesting species in terms of its history and ecology.

Level of difficulty: SIMPLE

No hiking or other physically demanding activities are planned. Walking will be short and in flat areas.

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tour fotografico in Spagna - lince padrona

Hide photographic activities:

Eight photographic activities on this tour will take place in hides designed and built for the needs of every wildlife photographer. Studied down to the smallest detail, the hides always guarantee clean backgrounds, natural settings, and an impeccable study of light.

Each hide is equipped with an anti-reflective glass that allows the observation of animals at, sometimes, negligible distances. The 4mm glass (one millimetre less than the most common solutions) enables perfect reproduction of details and colours.

Another great advantage of the glass is, without doubt, the ability to move freely within the hide. This often allows us to follow animals with our lenses without being perceived at all, even by very elusive animals such as golden eagles.

All the hides have 2/3 seats. The group will sometimes be split up to occupy the preferred locations. Day by day a schedule will be made on the occupation of the hides.

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tour fotografico in Spagna - lince pardina


Do you think you dont have the right equipment for this event?

Now it is possible to rent a complete set of equipment (Reflex + supertele) to attend the event and
enjoy the experience.

Among the products currently available are:

Canon R6, Canon 70D, Canon 5d Mark IV
Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2 (Canon and Nikon)
Canon 200/400 f/4 IS L USM
Canon RF 400mm f/2.8

If you are looking for other products, contact us and we will help you find the lens or camera you want.
Products are rented without deposits, no credit/prepaid card or special bond. Each product is delivered on site and no insurance or documents are required.
This service is provided to enable anyone to take part in a trip like this, allowing each photographer to shoot in the optimum conditions.
Contact us for more information on availability and prices.

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tour fotografico in Spagna - lince padrona

Programme details

Day 1

Arrival at the Madrid airport; a private transfer will take us to a small town just a few kilometres
from the locations. We will have about 2.30 hours on the road, after which we can settle in the
hotel, rest, and have dinner together.

tour fotografico in Spagna - lince pardina

tour fotografico in Spagna - lince padrona

Day 2

Wake up, packed breakfast, departure before dawn and first photo session dedicated to the lynx.
Morning sessions will run from approximately 6 a.m. to 12 noon (times may change depending on sightings or to optimise the experience). Each location has two very large two-seater hides, with high quality glass that will allow even very close sightings of the animals without the slightest disturbance or risk of frightening them. Return to the hotel for lunch and relaxing in the early afternoon, with the possibility of access to the hotel swimming pool.
From 17.30/18.00 we will resume the photo sessions until sunset (the sun sets at about 22.00 at this time).
Return, dinner, and overnight stay.

Day 3,4 and 5

Same programme but with the rotation of at least 2 different locations. We will focus on this
animal with as many as 8 targeted sessions, which will give us a very high chance of success,
potentially even several times a day.

Day 6

Breakfast and transfer to Madrid for the departure.

tour fotografico in Spagna - lince pardina

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tour fotografico in Spagna - lince padrona

How to apply

An advance payment and personal information will be required for registration.

Please enter your email in the box below to receive support for your booking. Always check your SPAM box if you don’t find our email.

If you have any further questions, please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page or contact us via whatsapp by clicking on the icon at the bottom right.

The price includes


Assistance from a professional photographer throughout the trip

All nights in a double room in a 4-star hotel

8 photo sessions from the hide (sunrise and sunset)

Transfer to and from Madrid-Barajas Airport

All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

All local transfers (location/hotel)

Not included

Extra Drinks

Flights (if necessary)

michele bavassano fotografo naturalista

Michele Bavassano

Passionate about nature , he travels in search of the perfect shot, exploring unspoiled areas around the world . Through his camera he tries to share moments and emotions. Michele defines his photography “A search for art in nature”. He works as a professional photographer and offers events in the most interesting and important destinations in Italy and abroad. His images have been used by Discovery, BBC , ENEL and have been published in numerous magazines around the world. “In 2015 he participated in the FIAP Youth World Championship with the Italian team, obtaining 2nd place. Since May 2018 he is ambassador of the GITZO brand. He is currently one of the most followed Italian nature photographers on the web. He has collected collaborations with various brands such as “Canon”, “Gitzo”, “Swarovsky”, “Manfrotto”, “Wacom”, “Eizo”, “BenQ”, “Pluto Trigger”, “Scubla”, “Revolution Race “,” Easy Cover “,” Wise “,” Xp-Pen “, “Deer Hunter”, “Polyver” , “Lenz”, “Lens Coat”

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