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Explore the wild soul of the Pantanal, in this incredible photographic journey in Brazil.

A full immersion in Porto Jofre in search of the majestic jaguar and the most significant fauna of Mato Grosso


10 days

4990 €

2 seats


9 August
18 August
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Porto Joffre,


Michele Bavassano
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Pantanal: unforgettable experience

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Why August?

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jaguar tour pantanal con Michele Bavassano photo tour

Pantanal: unforgettable experience

Imagine yourself immersed in the wild beauty of the Pantanal, camera in hand, ready to capture the essence of the King of the forest: the magnificent jaguar. This is an opportunity you cannot miss!

Join us on an exclusive adventure limited to just 6 photographers. You will be guided by a professional photographer, and certified local guides with National Geographic partnerships.

An unforgettable stay in a lodge in Porto Joffre: Enjoy comfort and hospitality in a charming environment full of nature. 5 days on a private boat: Explore the mysterious waters and get up close to wildlife like never before. 10 – 12 hours of photographic activity per day: Immerse yourself completely and capture breathtaking images.

This photography trip to the Pantanal is an experience that will enrich your soul and sharpen your photography skills. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary adventure.

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jaguar tour pantanal con Michele Bavassano photo tour

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jaguar tour pantanal con Michele Bavassano photo tour


Welcome to the Pantanal, the largest wetland on the planet, a wilderness that stretches over 150,000 square kilometers across west-central Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia.

The name “Pantanal” comes from the Portuguese word “pantano”, which vividly evokes the essence of this pristine and mysterious place. A place where nature reigns supreme, and water is the protagonist.

UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve: The Pantanal has been recognized for its exceptional environmental and cultural value.

Majestic floods: During the rainy seasons, water can rise two to five meters, creating a dynamic water turnover that cleanses the environment of pollution and nourishes the earth.

Extraordinary Biodiversity: This magnificent floodplain is home to a wealth of wild life, home to 40 amphibians, 650 birds, 177 reptiles, 270 fish and 102 mammals, including jaguars, tapirs, anteaters and many other fascinating species.

A mosaic of ecosystems: The landscape of the Pantanal is a fascinating mix of savannah, grassland, freshwater and caating (a forest that only turns green during the winter). During the rainy season, the waters nourish the land abundantly, allowing the caimans to hunt and warm themselves in the sun, while the jaguars can migrate towards the North.

The Pantanal is more than just a destination; it is an adventure waiting to be discovered, a place where nature shows its strength and beauty in every corner. A trip here is an immersion into a world that few have had the privilege of exploring.


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pantanal jaguar tour

Why join this tour?

Get ready for an unprecedented photographic adventure in Porto Jofre, in the wild heart of the Pantanal. A full immersion in nature, with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets captured from the boat, reserved exclusively for the group.

Unlike other photography experiences, this trip is designed for serious photography enthusiasts. You won’t waste precious time returning to the lodge for lunch; instead, you will enjoy a quick meal on the boat or in the most pristine regions of this extraordinary ecosystem. Thus, you will be able to dedicate 10-12 hours a day to photographing the jaguar, making the most of every moment of perfect light.

This trip to the Pantanal is the ideal opportunity for the most demanding photographers. Not only will it give you breathtaking sceneries, but it will also offer you incredible sightings that you never imagined you would experience. Coming face to face with the mighty jaguar and countless other animals in their natural habitat will allow you to capture extraordinary photographic shots and create magnificent memories that will remain etched in your mind forever.

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jaguar tour pantanal con Michele Bavassano photo tour

Day by day programme:

DAY 1 – Your Country to Brazil

Catch your international flight from your country to Sao Paulo with a layover. Upon arrival in Sao Paulo, complete the necessary formalities. You’ll be welcomed by photographer Michele Bavassano and transferred to your hotel.

(Double room with private bathroom)


DAY 2 – Brazil to Cuiabá – Porto Jofre

Start your day with breakfast at the hotel, then head to the airport for an internal flight from Sao Paulo to Cuiabá. Upon arrival in Cuiabá, continue to Porto Jofre.

Drive 100 km to the town of Poconé, the gateway to the Pantanal. A 150 km stretch of dirt road with 122 bridges along the famous Transpantaneira will take you to Porto Jofre.

On the way from Poconé to Porto Jofre, you might spot marsh deer, South American coatis, anacondas, giant anteaters, toucans, tapirs, armadillos, hyacinth macaws, capuchin monkeys, and other species.

Arrive in Porto Jofre in the late afternoon, settle into your lodge, relax, and have dinner.

(Double room with private bathroom)


DAYS 3-7 – Porto Jofre

Enjoy breakfast at the lodge and embark on a 5-day photography expedition in a private boat, dedicating around 10 to 12 hours each day to capturing jaguars on camera.

To maximize photography opportunities and time, during the hours when all boats return to the lodge, we’ll have picnic-style lunches in the most privileged and untouched areas of the Pantanal or on our boat.

In addition to the jaguar, our main focus, you’ll have the chance to photograph species like giant river otters, howler monkeys, capuchin monkeys, capybaras, giant anteaters, anacondas, tapirs, caimans, and dozens of different bird species.

Return to the lodge by 6:00 PM, followed by dinner and overnight stay.

(Double room with private bathroom)


DAY 8 – Porto Jofre to Cuiabá

Enjoy breakfast at the lodge, indulge in a final jaguar photography session, and then depart for Cuiabá. Arrive, transfer to your hotel, and settle in for the night.

(Double room with private bathroom)

DAY 9 – Brazil to Your Country

Start the day with breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport for an internal flight from Cuiabá to Sao Paulo, followed by an intercontinental flight from Sao Paulo to your country. Meals and overnight stay on board.


Arrive back in your country.

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jaguar tour pantanal con Michele Bavassano photo tour

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jaguar tour pantanal con Michele Bavassano photo tour

Why August?

Because life revolves around water!

In Pantanal, in August, Jaguars are often more easily visible for several reasons related to the season and behavior of these magnificent felines.

  1. Dry Season:

August marks the peak of the dry season in Pantanal. During this period, many areas dry up, forcing animals to gather around the remaining water sources. This makes Jaguars more visible along riverbanks, where they are attracted by the availability of prey.

  1. Water Levels:

The lowering of water levels in many areas of Pantanal often exposes prey, such as caimans and capybaras, which concentrate in central zones. Jaguars take advantage of this to hunt more easily, increasing the chances of sightings.

  1. Water Necessity:

During the dry season, water is a precious resource, and Jaguars, like many other animals, need to regularly visit water sources to drink. These gathering points become ideal observation spots for those seeking sightings.

  1. Light and Visibility:

August also offers favorable light for photography and wildlife observation. Sunny days and clearer light allow capturing details of Jaguars and their expressions, making sighting moments even more precious.

Capturing from the boat:


Taking photographs from a boat provides a range of unique advantages that allow you to capture extraordinary moments and create unforgettable images.

  1. Stability:

Contrary to what one might think, stability from a boat is incredible. Movements are often very smooth, allowing for the use of a tripod and ensuring sharp shots even in varying lighting conditions.

  1. Freedom of Movement:

Enjoy ample freedom of movement and unobstructed action space. The boat offers an ideal platform to smoothly track subjects, whether it’s wildlife sightings or breathtaking landscapes.

With a 360-degree view, you have the opportunity to explore and capture every corner of the surrounding environment. No visual barriers separate you from your subject, enabling you to create authentic and engaging images.

  1. Shooting Point of view:

Furthermore, the water-level shooting point offers unique perspectives. You can capture reflections, play with light, and capture water movements, adding a touch of magic and dynamism to your photographs.

The price includes:


11 photo sessions (4 sunsets and 5 sunrises) / 5 full days and 1 half/day

Assistance from Michele Bavassano during all the trip

All overnight stays in double room

All transfers for and from the Cuiabá Airport

All the meals

Private boat

Not included

Single room


michele bavassano fotografo naturalista

Michele Bavassano

Passionate about nature , he travels in search of the perfect shot, exploring unspoiled areas around the world . Through his camera he tries to share moments and emotions. Michele defines his photography “A search for art in nature”. He works as a professional photographer and offers events in the most interesting and important destinations in Italy and abroad. His images have been used by Discovery, BBC , ENEL and have been published in numerous magazines around the world. “In 2015 he participated in the FIAP Youth World Championship with the Italian team, obtaining 2nd place. Since May 2018 he is ambassador of the GITZO brand. He is currently one of the most followed Italian nature photographers on the web. He has collected collaborations with various brands such as “Canon”, “Gitzo”, “Swarovsky”, “Manfrotto”, “Wacom”, “Eizo”, “BenQ”, “Pluto Trigger”, “Scubla”, “Revolution Race “,” Easy Cover “,” Wise “,” Xp-Pen “, “Deer Hunter”, “Polyver” , “Lenz”, “Lens Coat”

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