Best of 2019 Widllife Photography – Gallery II

“Morning light”

The first rays of light warm the savannah while we are searching for the big five.

A group of impalas on alert perhaps indicates the presence of some predator; but often this is enough, the good moments are often also the simplest.

July 2019 – South Africa

Blue Shoulders

Nature photography is often based on documenting in a completely classic way.

Sometimes getting out of the box shows us other interesting perspectives.

August 2019 – Italy

“The sounds of love”

September and October are magical months for me.

I spend these months in Italy and dedicate them to the splendid nature that surrounds me near my home.

This year I spent magical moments in the Abruzzo National Park. Moments like this.

September 2019 – Italy

“The whisper”

A long hike, to experience a sunset from one of the most important peaks of the Abruzzo National Park.

After hours of walking and after a splendid sunset I was not alone.

Splendid Apennine chamois were there near me, now almost illuminated by the light of the moon.

This photograph has been used by Discovery

October 2019 – Italy

“Autumn Air”

I spent the last days of autumn of 2019 looking for some particular moment among the splendid colors of the foliage.

This is my favorite shot!

November 2019 – Italy

“What’s Up?”

My December was characterized by a journey to discover the magnificent Indian wildlife.

Days spent in small jeeps in search of the rare Bengal tiger.

Here a lucky sighting on a small road in the vast forest of Pench.

December 2019 – India

It was a beautiful year.

Now I close my eyes and start imagining my 2020.

And you?

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