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With digital photography, post-production has become a fundamental step in optimizing your photographs.

Through dedicated software will be illustrated step by step the various and useful works to optimize your photos. From shadows / lights recovery, to noise reduction. From the removal of the dominant colors to the balance and restoration of colors.

After this course you will be able to bring out 100% of the details from your photos, to make the colors natural and faithful and with perfectly balanced shadows and lights.

Do you often have photos full of noise, with few details or with completely lost colors?

In wildlife photography we often shoot in difficult conditions but with precise work in post-production, we can recover images in a surprising way.

With the new techniques you can finally clean your images from the annoying digital noise caused by high ISO and finally have detailed photos even at very high ISO!

Also with the new workflows you can better manage the colors and contrasts of your photos, giving three-dimensionality and atmosphere to your favorite photos.

How are the lessons?

The courses will run directly from your home, via Skype

The courses are private and fully customizable.

You can book and take the course from the comfort of your home, on the date and time most convenient for you.

The course is divided into two lessons of one hour and thirty where you will be personally followed.

The professional photographer will be at your disposal not only during the over 3 hours of course!

You will be in contact with the photographer before, during and after the lessons.

This way you will have plenty of time to ask for opinions, advice or ask questions about what we have learned together and not only!

The main topics covered during the course will be:

1 – Opening raw files and optimizing in Camera Raw

2 – Noise reduction

3 – Optimization of detail according to your use and your needs

4 – Removal of the dominant colors and restoration of the colors in the image.

5 – Optimizing the atmosphere of your image

6 – Restoration of contrasts selectively

7 – Optimization of the file for printing

8 – Saving and compression modes for printing and for the web

9 – Complete assistance and care of a personalized work-flow according to the participant’s needs.


Duration: 3 hours (Two lessons of 1.30h)


€ 399.00

Special offer:

€ 319.00

-80 € if you buy the course before the 30 June 2020

Payment methods: PayPall or Bank Tranfser

Basic knowledge of Photoshop is required for the course (Levels and Masks)

If you do not have enough skills to do the course, it is necessary to add a simple lesson where you can learn the basics knowledge.

The price includes:

  • Two 1.30h lessons via Skype
  • Assistance of the professional photographer Michele Bavassano during the lessons.
  • Advice from professional photographer Michele Bavassano on your photos before, during and after the course.
  • Study of a personalized workflow based on the needs of the photographer (if required)
  • Availability for courses on extraordinary dates and times

The price does not include:

  • Possible lesson for basic knowledge of Photoshop (50 euro)

Are you not convinced? Look here!

Check out some shots before and after the editing!

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Michele Bavassano

Michele, passionate about nature, travels in search of the perfect shot, exploring unspoilt areas around the world. Through his camera he wants to share moments and emotions.

He works as a professional photographer and offers events in the most interesting and important destinations in Italy and abroad. His images have been used by Discovery, BBC, ENEL and have been published in numerous magazines around the world. “In 2015 he took part in the FIAP World Championship for young people with the Italian team, obtaining 2nd place. From May 2018 he is ambassador of the GITZO brand. He is currently one of the most popular Italian naturalist photographers on the web. He has collected collaborations with various brands such as “Canon”, “Gitzo”, “Manfrotto”, “Wacom”, “Eizo”, “BenQ”, “Pluto Trigger”, “Scubla”, “Revolution Race”, “Easy Cover”, “Wise”, “Xp-Pen”.

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