Best of 2019 wildlife photography – Gallery

I have always considered photography a continuous research, into nature, of art.

For this I chose 12 shots, one for each month of 2019, 12 moments that I considered “the most important”

“Ice eyes”

My year started here. Near home, near Rome. A frosty January morning in a small floating hide.

Moments passed a few meters with this cormorant, observing those icy eyes.

Photo included in the “nature is watching us” portrait project provided to Enel for a sustainability campaign in its magazine.

January 2019 – Italy


My first safari in the Kruger started this way.

As soon as we leave the camp, the first animals we meet are 10 wild dogs that pointing to a group of impalas.

A few moments and it is chaos.

Wild dogs scattering and impalas escaping everywhere. We followed the hunting attempts of the wild dogs for several minutes before they give up on the small pack of impalas.

February 2019 – South Africa

“The King”

How can we forget a moment like this? My first lion.

Power and elegance. This big male lion, after spending two days on a zebra carcass, has finally come out into the open for a portrait.

Image used as the cover of Enel’s magazine in September

March 2019 – South Africa

“Maternal Care”

I never thought I would have the honor of seeing moments like this a few meters from my lens.

An unforgettable day spent watching a pride of 25 lions.

This photograph has been used by Canon Italia, Canon Russia, BBCearth, BBC.

March 2019 – South Africa

“Happy Bear”

Exciting moments spent in the immense forests on the border between Slovenia and Croatia. Areas with a large density of brown bears.

I spent two weeks in these forests, waiting for moments like this.

June 2019 – Slovenia


It appears in the savannah like a ghost. With sinuous movements, he moves in the grass, leaving me each time foggy.

July 2019 – South Africa

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